5 Social Media Mistakes Every Brand Must Avoid

Brands and Social Media has been quite an interesting affair over the years. We have seen brand blunders, heart-touching campaigns and everything in between. But in this article, we’ll talk exclusively about blunders. Yes! The Blunders that your brand should avoid at all costs to make sure your Social Media presence benefits your brand.  Not […]

5 Effective Ways Brands can Leverage Social Media

5 Effective Ways Brands can Leverage Social Media- Ark Saivi

Brands and Social Media has been a story with lots of ups and downs. Some hate to see brands virtue signalling on various platforms while others expect brands to stand behind hashtags that align with their purpose.  But there’s one thing we can all agree upon. If you’re an ambitious business owner in today’s competitive […]

Influencer Marketing Trends You Can’t Miss Out On In 2022

Influencer Marketing Trends 2022

Let’s just make it clear at the outset, Influencer marketing works wonders for brands and it is going to get even bigger.  In fact, the Influencer Marketing industry is projected to reach $16.4B in 2022. We believe it’s fair to say that brands should not miss out on Influencer Marketing anymore.  But what new trends […]

Influencer Marketing: Does it Work?

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing involves a brand collaborating with online and social media influencers to promote their products or services. We didn’t need to tell you that, did we?  After all, everybody today knows who influencers are. In fact, most of you reading this must be following some influencer on Instagram But not all brands believe in […]

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Holi to Tap into the Festive Spirit

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The boost in shopping around a festival is not a new phenomenon. People across the world have always waited for these festive occasions to go on a shopping spree.  But there has been a vital transformation in consumer behaviour around festivals in recent years. People have moved from shopping at brick and mortar stores or […]

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Small Business?

Digital marketing importance

Every small business has one common motive, which is known as growth and success. For gaining this goal you are required to use the most supreme approach in marketing or promoting your services or products in a way that targets the audience. Digital Marketing gives many opportunities to enlarge your small business even with a […]