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5 Effective Ways Brands can Leverage Social Media

Brands and Social Media has been a story with lots of ups and downs. Some hate to see brands virtue signalling on various platforms while others expect brands to stand behind hashtags that align with their purpose. 

But there’s one thing we can all agree upon. If you’re an ambitious business owner in today’s competitive environment, you will have to make the most of social media trends to build a strong brand identity.

The question is how you can actually go about doing that. If you’re someone who’s trying to figure out ways to leverage social media to attract eyeballs to your brand, this blog’s for you

Let’s read on together.

Promote through Various Channels

Let’s say you own a clothing brand. You have a nice website that sees significant traffic. Is it enough? That’s definitely not the case for nearly 60% of marketers who emphasise the importance of social media in not only raising brand awareness but also boosting sales. 

Yes, your website is a good place to promote relevant and meaningful blog content that keeps your visitors engaged. But Social Media, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to share the same content up and personal in the form of videos, images & more. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind, though, is to promote on Social Media platforms that are frequented by your target audience. For instance, a brand that targets older audiences should focus more on Facebook instead of Instagram. 

If your brand has a diverse consumer base, you can comfortably market on a variety of Social Media platforms. You can interact with several subsets of your target audience in the language and tone they’re most likely to respond to. 

But the most revolutionary aspect of social media marketing is that it allows brands to communicate with their target audience directly, in a personalised manner. Various social media platforms made brands interact with their followers much like two individuals having a nice, casual chat. 

More on the interaction part in the next segment.. 

Interact & Engage with your Customers

Okay, so your brand is active on social media with daily posts. But for some reason, there still seems to be a disconnect between your brand and your consumers. The reason might be the lack of interaction on your Social Media.  

There are several methods brands can use to engage with their consumers on social media. First of all, you will have to share interesting content that is relevant to the concerns of your target audience. But the content alone is not enough for you to generate conversations around your brand. To achieve that, these are some techniques you can follow: 

  • Be careful about the time when you post the content. It won’t matter how enticing your content is if you post it at hours when your target audience is not free enough to consume it. Post your content when they are most likely to be found scrolling down their feeds. 
  • Don’t just promote your products & services. Sounding too salesy on your brand’s social media feed will only put off your followers and most of them will unfollow beyond a point. Instead, try to generate discussions around topics that are relevant to both your brand and the audience. 
  • Add a human element to your social media feed. This can be achieved through Live sessions, Q & A, and sharing stories with a human angle about the people that make your brand. When your followers see the faces behind your brand, they are more likely to not only trust you but also become a customer. 

Say “Yes” to Influencers

Most brands today collaborate with Influencers. Yet, there are contrarians who believe that influencer-based campaigns can also be perceived as annoying by their consumers. But if you believe us, you should say a resounding “Yes” to influencers. 

In fact, 7 out of 10 marketers believe that influencer marketing gives better ROI than other ad formats on social media. In fact, 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. 

So, if you sell a product that is relevant to the teenage audience, you just cannot say no to influencer marketing. 

Keep your Brand’s Voice Consistent  

Consistency is key when you have to build a sense of trust with your consumers on social media. Building brand consistency on social media is a process that would require content that is in line with the brand’s vision. 

If your brand stays consistent on various social media platforms, your consumers will know what to expect from you and will begin engaging with you online. 

Video Content is King

This one cannot be emphasised enough. With the advent of Tik Tok and Reels, social media users have become addicted to short video content. Apart from that, visual content is anyway a lot more appealing and engages the audience that does not prefer reading static posts and blogs. 

More than 80% of marketers say video content has had a direct effect on their brand’s sales. There are several ways you can use videos to promote your product or service. This can be done in the form of tutorial videos, explainer videos, product opening & more. 

Making the Most of Your Social Media Presence

Social Media Marketing is no secret anymore. From big businesses to small and medium enterprises, everyone tries to boost their social media. But the key is not only understanding your audience but also the platform you are promoting on. 

For instance, promoting your brand on Instagram will need you to use different strategies while Facebook and LinkedIn will have their own techniques that work. 

So, keep experimenting till you find a brand that aligns with your purpose and is engaging enough for your target audience. And come back to us for more on the world of Digital Marketing and everything in it. 

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